Advisory Board
Henk Ovink, chair – Special Water Envoy Kingdom of the Netherlands
George Brugmans – President, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam
Joachim Declerck – Partner, Architecture Workroom Brussels
Mr. Nandakumar – Superintending Engineer, Greater Chennai Corporation
Brudi Prakosa – Head of Infrastructure and Planning, Bappeda Kota Semarang
Palash Kanti Bala – CEO, Khulna City Corporation
Sarah Ichioka – Independent Expert, Director of Desire Lines, Singapore
Nienke Uil – Business Developer, FMO
Amit Prothi – Head of India National Strategy, 100 Resilient Cities
Xavier Leflaive – Principal Administrator, OECD

Members of the Advisory Board in Singapore

Moderating Team
UN Habitat: Rogier van den Berg, Clara Afonso, Helen Yu, Andrew Rudd

Financial Consultant
WWF: Naomin Tan, Lauren Meghan Lynch

Nini Purwajati, Katrin Bruebach, Sam Kernaghan

Sandra Schoof, Dennis van Peppen, Daan Stoop

Design Teams

Team 1: Rising Waters, Raising Futures
Deltares, IGCS, IIT Madras, Care Earth Trust, CUDi (Center for Urban Design Innovation, Karlsruhe Institute for Technology, Waggonner & Ball, Benthem Crouwel Architects, Arcadis, VanderSat

Team 2: City of 1.000 Tanks
OOZE VOF, Madras Terrace, Goethe Institut, Ramakrishnan Venkatesh, Vanessa Peter, IHE Delft, Rain Centre, Care Earth Trust, Paper Man, Pitchandikulam, IIT Madras, TU Delft, HKV

Team 1: Creating inclusive and natural water synergies in Khulna urban region
Euroconsult Mott MacDonald B.V., Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Urban, Regional Planning (KUET-URP)

Team 2: Khulna as a Water Inclusive City
CDR International, Defacto Ubranism, Nelen en Schuurmans, DevConsultant, Khulna University, RoyalHaskoningDHV, Wageningen University

Team 1: One Resilient Semarang: Water(shed) as Leverage
One Architecture & Urbanism, Inc, Deltares, Wetlands International, Kota Kita, Sherwood Design Engineers, Hysteria Grobak, Iqbal Reza, UNDIP

Team 2: Cascading Semarang - Steps to inclusive growth
MLA+, Stichting Deltares, FABRICations, PT Witteveen+Bos Indonesia, UNDIP, UNISSULA, IDN Liveable Cities

Special Water Envoy Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ministry Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, Global Center on Adaptation, 100 Resilient Cities, Partners for Resilience, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, Architecture Workroom Brussels, UN Habitat

Water as Leverage for Resilient Cities Asia is supported by the UN/World Bank High Level Panel on Water