The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the City of Rotterdam and the Creative Industries Fund NL are IABR's main partners.

The IABR is a lead partner of the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in implementing the Action Agenda for Spatial Design (ARO) 2017 - 2020.
The IABR is funded in the Culture Plan 2017 - 2020 Budget of the City of Rotterdam and subsidized as part of the Grant Scheme for Multi-Year Architecture, Design and E-Culture Programs of the Creative Industries Fund NL (SCI).

Strategic alliances
As part of its multiyear policy plan 2017-2020, Towards a Resilient City, the IABR has entered into two action-oriented collaboration agreements.
One is with the Special Envoy for International Water Affairs of the Kingdom of The Netherlands (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment). The aim is to globally explore potentially viable projects for which "water" can be the key to finding integrated and innovative solutions to existing challenges. The focus is on South East Asia where water related problems are most urgent. In partnership with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Global Center of Excellence on Climate Adaptation and 100 Resilient Cities, IABR, the Special Envoy and AWB have initiated the project Water as Leverage for Resilient Cities: Asia.
The second agreement is with Resilient Rotterdam (Department of Urban Development, City of Rotterdam), resulting in the IABR–Atelier Rotterdam 2017 - 2020, in which a second active partner is the Port Authority of Rotterdam.

Research by Design
The IABR has entered into a long-term collaboration with the Belgian organization Architecture Workroom Brussels (AWB). We will be active in each other’s domains and benefit from each other's expertise. The focus is on taking research by design to the next level by going beyond merely showcasing the outcomes and by building an insistence on real world application of the outcomes into the research trajectory itself.
Other key (research) partners involved in the realization of the IABR–2018+2020 are the Atelier of the Dutch Government Architect and Team Flemish Government Architect.