What we do not know, is how long the current strict lockdown measures will be in place. It's not looking good, but hopefully, for all of us, infection rates will drop and measures can be eased again in February or March.

Partner Exhibitions
Our intention was to start 2021 with two partner exhibitions, METEOPOLIS in January, and NOW! In February.
We are now exploring whether,when we are allowed to open the doors again, we can present the exhibition NOW! in April 2021.

METEOPOLIS, alas, remains closed, but you can take a virtual tour of the exhibition - for more information and to go the tour, click here

Meteopolis, virtual tour

METEOPOLIS is an exhibition by Rotterdam Weatherwise, a program of the City of Rotterdam. With Scenarios for the Rotterdam of 2060 as its subtitle, it challenges four design offices to imagine what Rotterdam could look like 40 years from now if the city were to embrace the water, rather than continue to fight it. An exercise in looking ahead in times of climate crisis.

METEOPOLIS: Panorama Harbour

image: De Zwarte Hond

For the exhibition NOW! DESIGNING IN TIME OF CLIMATE CRISIS, some 150 students of the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture (RAvB) and the Graphic Design and Non-Linear Narrative departments of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, are joining forces. Under the guidance of Thijs van Spaandonk, a curator of DOWN TO EARTH and head of the RAvB’s Master of Urban Design, and Roosje Klap, responsible for the graphic design of DOWN TO EARTH, and with Niels Schrader, head of the two KABK departments.

For more information, click here

NOW! Designing in times of climate crisis

image: RAvB, Freek van Riet / KABK, Petra Eros

picture: Melany van Twuijver

DOWN TO EARTH is a biennale in times of pandemic – an anti-biennale. Instead of compressing a multitude of activities – concentrating them in time and place, inviting as many people as possible, from far and wide, through the same door – we will unfold the program over time. A biennale true to form is simply not possible under the current atypical circumstances.
From September 2020 until the summer of 2021, the IABR will present a series of relatively small exhibitions and other activities. We will also find safe ways to organise a limited number of events, such as work sessions and lectures.

Read the introduction to DOWN TO EARTH by chief curator George Brugmans here

Read more about DROUGHT IN THE DELTA, the first exhibition of DOWN TO EARTH, here

Read more about WHOSE ENERGY IS IT, ANYWAY?, the second exhibition of DOWN TO EARTH, here


picture: Aad Hoogendoorn

Because of the pandemic, all plans and dates are subject to change. So, check our website and agenda regularly, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on twitter and instagram

Crucially however, make sure to stay healthy, safe and sane!