A guided tour by Bram Willemse, designer at Studio Marco Vermeulen (SMV), through the exhibition DOWN TO EARTH: DROUGHT IN THE DELTA.

Together with Marco Vermeulen, the lead designer of the IABR–Atelier Drought in the Delta, Bram Willemse explored the possibilities of increasing the water buffering capacity of the Dutch Delta, and what opportunities this presents.
The results of the Atelier, which are central to the exhibition, are proposed as building blocks for a new national freshwater strategy. In addition, the curator of DROUGHT IN THE DELTA, George Brugmans, selected four exemplary Dutch projects that are already very concretely exploring the solution directions proposed by the Atelier.

Guided Tour: Drought in the Delta

Wednesday 7 October, 4 - 5 pm

The maximum capacity is 10 people. Depending on the composition of the group, the conversation will be conducted in Dutch or English.

Please note that, given the pandemic, IABR follows the guidelines of the Dutch Health Authority. This way, we can ensure that every visit is a safe visit.

Therefore, to join the tour you have to make a reservation, which you can do via mail, by clicking here (please write 'tour 7/10' in the subject line).
With the confirmation of your reservation, which you will receive by mail, please report, if possible, exactly between 3:55 and 4 pm at the entrance of the exhibition.

DOWN TO EARTH: DROUGHT IN THE DELTA will be open to the public from 19 September to 1 November, from 11am until 17pm - closed on Mondays.

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