The DOWN TO EARTH Curator Team consists of Rianne Makkink, Jurgen Bey en George Brugmans, curators Water as Leverage; and Thijs van Spaandonk and Robbert de Vrieze, curators Energy Transition as Leverage.

Curator Team IABR–2020–DOWN TO EARTH

from the left: Robbert de Vrieze, Jurgen Bey, Rianne Makkink, George Brugmans, Thijs van Spaandonk

picture: Fred Ernst

Convince and inspire
The curators want to present well-designed, well-substantiated and promising strategies and best practices in the fields of water management and energy transitions: convincing projects that demonstrate how we can comprehensively transform the challenges our urban landscapes and living environments offer; inspiring examples that stimulate the targeted realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by telling the story of urban development from a new perspective, thus enhancing people’s ability to act – by offering them real perspectives, which – if needs be, and that increasingly seems to be the case – even encourage concrete social activism.
DOWN TO EARTH: where can we land; how can we redefine all our actions as what leads toward the Earth; how can we adapt in such a way that our urban living environments can cope with the impending climate crisis - not at the expense of but in balance with nature?

Public correspondence
The questions and issues that IABR–2020 puts on the agenda and with which the Curator Team will be grappling in the coming year, are, to say the least, complex. The curators therefore opt for an open conversation - with each other, with partners and with prospective participants - and, as yet, do not want to publish an authoritative Curator Statement. They have chosen to formulate the agenda for IABR–2020–DOWN TO EARTH step by step, partly in response to each other and partly on the basis of growing insight, in the form of an exchange of letters. Their mutual correspondence is public and every subsequent letter can always be downloaded from this website.